Our Mission & Vision

At Western Reserve Local Schools, we are proud of the standard of education our students receive. We constantly strive to provide each student with the skills and tools they need to succeed. Please take a moment to read our mission and vision for our Roughriders.

Our board of education’s vision is “We Are WR: Continuing Our Proud Tradition of Excellence.” 

The mission for the Western Reserve Local School District is “Together as a community, we provide a quality education for student success.” 

These are the core values that we believe in:

  1. All students are safe and secure. 
  2. The home, school, and community are supportive partners. 
  3. We encourage and support our students to reach their full potential. 
  4. We value respect, trust, and teamwork. 
  5. We facilitate open communication. 
  6. We challenge our students to be critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and responsible citizens. 
  7. We strive to continuously improve and to be accountable for our actions.

We will reach our mission and vision by addressing our four strategic goal statements: 

Goal Area #1: Technology

  • We provide training, tools, and curriculum in order to prepare staff and students with 21st century technology skills.

Goal Area #2: Curriculum

  • We provide an enriched and enhanced curriculum to prepare students to compete in a global economy.

Goal Area #3: Communication

  • We engage in continuous and authentic communication for the benefit of our students, staff, and community.

Goal Area #4: Community Engagement

  • As a community, we foster mutually beneficial relationships that promote family wellness and lifelong learning.