Frequently Asked Questions

Need answers about school policies and procedures? Check out the details we’ve provided below based on some of the regular queries we receive. If you still have questions, we encourage you to read the parent handbook for your child’s school. You’ll find these handbooks under the Parents quick link on the Home page. And, as always, we welcome your communication by phone, email, or in person.

What is your attendance policy?

We believe that establishing good attendance habits is essential to success in school, and we expect regular and punctual attendance from all of our students. We encourage parents to use discretion in scheduling planned absences and early dismissals from school. Students must bring a note of explanation after each absence. If a student arrives at school after 9:30 a.m. or leaves school before 3:00 p.m., we will mark that student for a half-day absence. The State of Ohio and Western Reserve Local Schools consider the following to be acceptable reasons for absence:

  • Personal illness (physician’s statement may be required)
  • Illness in the family (this reason applies for students 14 and older)
  • Quarantine of the home
  • Death in the family
  • Necessary work at home due to absence or incapacity of parent(s)/guardian(s) (for students 14 and older)
  • Observation or celebration of a bona fide religious holiday
  • Other good cause as approved by the principal or superintendent

You will find further details about our attendance policy in the school handbooks, which are under the Parents quick link on our Home page.

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Can I visit or volunteer at my child’s school?

Absolutely! We welcome and encourage volunteers and visitors. If you are visiting, please sign in at the office and obtain a visitor’s pass. For the safety of our students, we do not allow visitors on the playground with students. (We also do not allow student visitors from other schools or from out of town unless they are approved by the principal prior to their arrival.)

If you would like to volunteer, please obtain approval from the principal. (Approval may require a fingerprint check.)

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What if my child needs to take medicine during the school day?

We will not administer any prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines without the written authorization of the physician and parent/guardian, and we will only dispense medicine at school if it is in its original prescription bottle, labeled with the date of the prescription, the student’s name, and the exact dosage. A parent/guardian must bring in any necessary medications—including inhalers, aspirin, Tylenol, Motrin, nasal sprays, cough syrups, allergy medications, etc.—with the proper physician and parent authorization. We generally do not allow students to carry or self-administer medications; however, if a student has serious health needs, he or she may do so after obtaining permission from a physician and completing the required permission form. This includes students with asthma who need to carry an inhaler or students with severe allergies who need to carry Epipens.

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Do you serve regular meals at all Western schools?

We offer balanced breakfasts and hot lunches daily for elementary, middle school, and high school students. Students also have the option to bring a home-packed lunch and to purchase milk separately. All students must eat in the auditeria and may not leave the school grounds during lunch period, except with permission. Parents may prepay for student meals on the first day of the school week. Please put all such payments in an envelope labeled with your child’s name, homeroom teacher, and pin number. For a look at menus and meal prices, and to learn more about our free- and reduced-price meal program, please visit our Food Services page.

In our preschool, parents provide healthful snacks—drinks and food—for their child’s class on a rotating basis with the other parents. We invite you to take a look at the preschool handbook (see Parents quick link on the Home page) for more details.

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What is your policy regarding bus transportation?

We are happy to provide bus transportation for students attending Western Reserve Local Schools. We encourage you to remind your children that riding the bus is a privilege, and they must observe certain rules in order to retain that privilege. You can view these rules on our Transportation page.

Parents who will be picking up their child instead of using the bus should send a note with their child the morning of the change. Parents may also call the school to verify that the note arrived, but we will not take changes over the phone unless an emergency arises. For information on scheduling a regular, pre-approved bus change, please check with the Transportation office.

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Does Western have a dress and grooming policy?

We expect students to dress appropriately at all times, and we do not permit any clothing, shoes, accessories, hairstyles, or jewelry that disrupts the educational process, brings unnecessary attention, or presents a safety risk to the student or others. Students should dress appropriately for the weather and should wear jackets and winter apparel during winter weather. Unacceptable dress includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Clothes that display/promote alcohol, tobacco, violence, wrestling, drug-related lettering, sexual references, discrimination, or inappropriate language
  • Bare midriff shirts
  • Halter tops or tank tops with gaping armholes
  • Plunging neckline (shirts must have a modest neckline or be buttoned to a modest height)
  • Platform shoes, sandal-type Crocs, clogs, any shoes without a back, shoes with wheels
  • Dangling earrings, chains, and other jewelry that may present a safety hazard
  • Face piercing
  • Hats or head coverings without the express permission of the principal
  • See-through clothing
  • Sunglasses
  • Wallet chains; clothing with chains
  • Pants and shorts not worn on the student’s waist, sagging pants, writing across the seat of the pants
  • Unnatural hair color or hairstyle
  • Makeup, lipstick, colored or glittered lip gloss (for elementary students)
  • Extremely short skirts or shorts, even with tights or leggings
  • Pajama bottoms or lounge pants
  • Anything else considered inappropriate for school.  Please keep in mind the age range of students in the building.

Students may wear shorts, when appropriate. However, this is a privilege that the building principal may revoke at any time if the weather is inappropriate or if the shorts do not meet the code outlined above.

The administration reserves the right to review, assess, and revise these guidelines at any time.

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Should my child stay home from school today?

Is your child feeling a little under the weather? Are you not quite sure if they should stay home or go to school? It can be hard sometimes to tell. For your convenience, you may find these guidelines helpful.

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