Roughrider Athletics

We have a strong tradition of excelling in athletics, and we’re teeming over with Roughrider pride. Our sports opportunities help students learn the value of persistence and teamwork in an atmosphere of good sportsmanship.

Here you’ll find all of the latest information about Roughrider sports, from forms and schedules to team rosters. If you have questions, we invite you to contact our athletics director, Ryan Falknor, or the individual coaches.

2022–23 Admission Prices

  • $4 Student Pre-Sale Tickets (Current WR students only)

Varsity Event

  • $6 for all at the door
  • $4 for Senior Citizens
  • Prices may vary at away events or for special event formats

Lower Level Event (events that don't include a varsity contest)

  • $5 Adult
  • $3 Student/Senior Citizens
  • Prices may vary at away events or for special event formats

2022-23 Pass Purchasing Options

  • 10-event pass $50
  • Family Pass (immediate family only) $300
  • Senior Citizens Pass $50 (62 yrs old)
  • Volunteer Passes (can be earned by students and/or community members who volunteer to help at events) if interested please contact Ryan Falknor AD 419-668-8470.

      Fall Sports Staff

      HS Football

      • Varsity:
        • Head Coach: Ty Stevenson
        • Varsity Assistant: Travis Wilson
        • Varsity Assistant: Steve Adams
      • JV:
        • Reserve-JV: Guy Schuler
        • Reserve-JV: Rod Stevenson
        • Freshman: William Roninger
        • Junior High: Brad Perkins
        • Junior High: Austin Spitler
        • Junior High: Brady Jones
      • Football Volunteers:
        • TBD

      Cross Country

      • Varsity:
        • Head Coach: Megan Tansey
        • Varsity Assistant-CC: Theresa Murdock
        • Varsity Assistant-CC: Brittany Pickett
      • JV:
        • TBD


      • Varsity:
        • Head Volleyball: Lisa Muenz
        • Varsity Assistant: Yvonne Boswell

      • JV:
        • JV: Morgan Boswell
        • Eighth Grade: Jess Ritz
        • Seventh Grade: Jessa Riley

      Winter Sports Staff

      Boys Basketball

      • Head Coach: Chris Sheldon
      • Assistant: TBD


      • Coach: TBD
      • Ninth Grade: TBD
      • Eighth Grade:  TBD
      • Seventh Grade: TBD

      Girls Basketball

      • Head Coach: Carli Ashley
      • Assistant: TBD


      • Coach: Ann Todd
      • Eighth Grade: TBD
      • Seventh Grade: TBD


      • Head Coaches: Mark Starkey and Steve Pausch


      • Head Coach: Mark Starkey
      • Assistant: TBD

      MS Wrestling

      • Coaches TBD
      • Volunteer: TBD

      Spring Sports Staff

      HS Track

      • Head Coach: Guy Schuler
      • Assistant Coaches: TBD

      MS Track

      • Coaches: TBD

      HS Softball

      • Head Coaches: Stephanie Wetzel
      • Assistant: TBD
      • Volunteer: TBD


      • Varsity:
        • Head Coach: Josh Good
      • JV:
        • JV Coach: TBD

      Cheerleading Staff

      • HS Advisor: Lisa Balog