Roughrider Athletics

We have a strong tradition of excelling in athletics, and we’re teeming over with Roughrider pride. Our sports opportunities help students learn the value of persistence and teamwork in an atmosphere of good sportsmanship.

Here you’ll find all of the latest information about Roughrider sports, from forms and schedules to team rosters. If you have questions, we invite you to contact our athletics director, Ryan Falknor, or the individual coaches.

      Athletics Updates and Reminders

        Winter ticket purchasing information is available on the OHSAA website.

        • All OHSAA tournaments will be using digital ticketing (HomeTown Ticketing) for entry.
        • There will be no cash accepted at the gate.
        • There will be a presale (discounted) ticket available for the sectional through regional levels.
        • There will also be a game-day ticket available ($2.00 more than a presale ticket) for the sectional through regional levels available three (3) hours prior to the start of the event and until capacity has been reached or until the event has reached its halfway point.
          • With this option, tickets can be purchased at the gate, they would simply have to be purchased digitally on a smart device.
        • Tickets can be accessed three to five days before an event is to occur by going to the OHSAA website.

        Once on the ticketing page, you will click on:

        1. "sport" (boys basketball, girls basketball, or wrestling)
        2. Find: division III or search for Western Reserve
        3. Find our specific event.

        Presale tickets for sectional tournaments are $8.00. Gameday tickets are $10.00.

        There are some instances in which tickets may not be posted until 24 to 48 hours before the event when we are waiting on results/locations/etc. Please do not contact us about an event not appearing until we are within a 24-hour window of the event.

        • If an event is postponed due to the weather or for another reason, ticket holders can keep their tickets, as they will automatically be able to use them at the rescheduled event.
        • If an event is cancelled due to Covid-19, tickets will automatically be refunded – no action is needed to be taken by the purchaser.

            Fall Sports Staff

            HS Football

            • Varsity:
              • Head Coach: Ty Stevenson
              • Varsity Assistant: Stoney Jarrett
              • Varsity Assistant: Steve Adams
            • JV:
              • Reserve-JV: Guy Schuler
              • Reserve-JV: Rod Stevenson
              • Freshman: William Roninger
              • Junior High: Brad Perkins
              • Junior High: Josh Good
              • Junior High: Bob Mcdonald
            • Football Volunteers:
              • Volunteer: Frank Edwards
              • Volunteer: Vic Ciarrone

            Cross Country

            • Varsity:
              • Head Coach: Megan Tansey
              • Varsity Assistant-CC: Tabitha Pausch
              • Varsity Assistant-CC: TBD
            • JV:
              • TBD


            • Varsity:
              • Head Volleyball: Lisa Muenz
              • Varsity Assistant: Yvonne Boswell

            • JV:
              • Reserve-JV: Jack Colvin
              • Eighth Grade: Jess Ritz
              • Seventh Grade: Becky Conklin

            Winter Sports Staff

            Boys Basketball

            • Head Coach: Chris Sheldon
            • Assistant: Ryan Falknor


            • Coach: Stoney Jarrett
            • Ninth Grade: Kevin Boose
            • Eighth Grade:  Austin Spitler
            • Seventh Grade: Seth Todd

            Girls Basketball

            • Head Coach: Carli Ashley
            • Assistant: Molly Canfield


            • Coach: Ann Todd
            • Eighth Grade: Steph Wetzel
            • Seventh Grade: Kristie Jarrett


            • Head Coach: Mark Starkey
            • Volunteer: Stoney Jarrett
            • Volunteer: Kristie Jarrett
            • Volunteer: Brent Johnston


            • Head Coach: Mark Starkey
            • Assistant: Brandon Workman

            MS Wrestling

            • Coaches Brad Perkins
            • Volunteer: Jason Maxwell

            Spring Sports Staff

            HS Track

            • Head Coach: Guy Schuler
            • Assistant Coaches: Carli Ashley

            MS Track

            • Coaches: Jess Ritz, Austin Spitler, Megan Tansey

            HS Softball

            • Head Coaches: Stephanie Wetzel
            • Assistant: Kristie Jarrett
            • Volunteer: Brent Johnston


            • Varsity:
              • Head Coach: Josh Good
            • JV:
              • JV Coach: Drake Grine

            Cheerleading Staff

            • HS Advisor: Tracy Feaga