Roughrider Athletics

We have a strong tradition of excelling in athletics, and we’re teeming over with Roughrider pride. Our sports opportunities help students learn the value of persistence and teamwork in an atmosphere of good sportsmanship.

Here you’ll find all of the latest information about Roughrider sports, from forms and schedules to team rosters. If you have questions, we invite you to contact our athletics director, Ryan Falknor, or the individual coaches.

Athletics Updates and Reminders

Fall Tournament Tickets

Parents and spectators must purchase all fall tournament tickets digitally. At this time the only limitation to the number of spectators is the total capacity of the host venue. Please visit the OHSAA Tournament Tickets page to purchase tickets, and see our fall tournament tickets flyer for more information.

Equipment for Sale

If you have an interest in purchasing any of the items below, please call Ryan Falknor at (419) 668.8470 ext. 2008. We will use all proceeds to purchase and maintain weight room equipment.

  • No items for sale at this time

Game Day Protocols

We are excited to announce that there will be a fall sports season for our students and community. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all participating as well as for those in attendance while offering a great experience for all students involved. In order to accomplish this, things are going to look very different.

Please see the guidelines that Western Reserve will follow as we begin to hold events at our facilities. In response to the Ohio Department of Health mandates and new OHSAA Guidelines presented over the last few months, the Firelands Conference attempted to compile a list of protocols that all schools will follow during the fall season.

Fall Sports Staff

HS Football

  • Varsity:
    • Head Coach: Ty Stevenson
    • Varsity Assistant: Stoney Jarrett
    • Varsity Assistant: Steve Adams
  • JV:
    • Reserve-JV: Guy Schuler
    • Reserve-JV: Rod Stevenson
    • Freshman: Ti Eden
    • Junior High: Brad Perkins
    • Junior High: Josh Good
    • Junior High: Bob Mcdonald
  • Football Volunteers:
    • Volunteer: Frank Edwards
    • Volunteer: Vic Ciarrone
    • Volunteer: Rich Ashley
    • Volunteer: Travis Wilson

Cross Country

  • Varsity:
    • Head Coach: Sarah Callahan
    • Varsity Assistant-CC: Kate Smith
    • Varsity Assistant-CC: TBD
  • JV:
    • TBD


  • Varsity:
    • Head Volleyball: Lisa Muenz
    • Varsity Assistant: Yvonne Boswell

  • JV:
    • Reserve-JV: Jack Colvin
    • Eighth Grade: Jess Ritz
    • Seventh Grade: Chris Harper

Winter Sports Staff

Boys Basketball

  • Head Coach: Chris Sheldon
  • Assistant: Lee Rowlinson
  • Assistant: Ryan Falknor


  • Coach: Stoney Jarrett
  • Ninth Grade: Kevin Boose
  • Eighth Grade:  Guy Schuler
  • Seventh Grade: Seth Todd

Girls Basketball

  • Head Coach: Carli Ashley
  • Assistant: Ann Todd


  • Coach: Bethany Harris
  • Eighth Grade: Steph Wetzel and Kristie Jarrett
  • Seventh Grade: Tracey Moyer


  • Head Coach: Stoney Jarrett
  • Volunteer: Lee Rowlinson
  • Volunteer: Kristie Jarrett
  • Volunteer: Brent Johnston


  • Head Coach: Brad Perkins
  • Assistant: Brandon Workman

MS Wrestling

  • Coaches Mark Starkey and TJ Eden

Spring Sports Staff

HS Track

  • Head Coach: Sarah Callahan
  • Assistant Coaches: Steve Adams and Kevin Boose

MS Track

  • Coaches: Drew Foit, Jess Ritz, James Wiles, and Guy Schuler

HS Softball

  • Head Coaches: Stephanie Wetzel and Chris Harper


  • Varsity:
    • Head Coach: Josh Good
  • JV:
    • JV Coach: Drake Grine

Cheerleading Staff

  • HS Advisor: Tracy Feaga